Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another one

Disappointment bubbles up from the deep inner depths once again. It's not the first time she's cried over a man. They come and go but the names remain the same: Mr. Not-looking-for-a-relationship, Mr. I-told-your-from-the-beginning-you-were-going-to-get-hurt, Mr. Your-just-not-my-priority... What happend to Mr. Does-what-he-says, Mr. Put-you-feelings-first, Mr. Would-do-anything-to-make-you-smile? She twirls her spoon in the empty coffee, teatering on the edge of the well worn table, trying to get the frantic waiter's attention before becoming the outside force, causing a devestating tumble. The waiter spins around, quickly calling for cleanup and asking, "Would you like another one?". She smirks, nods to him a yes and settles back into her chair.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6 sentences 5/5

Smoke clouds her eyes and she chokes back the fear.

The screams are so loud, they're muffled on numb ears..

As each beer bottle tumbles to the carpet, she cowers.

A mother's love for too long gone,has turned sour.

Her hope turns to dust...

...drunken father again, comments on her bust.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

4/17/10 - "Whichever one you like"

"Pick whichever one you like", she said to the four year old princess leaning precariously over the shallow pool. Decked out in little pick converse and a matching news boy cap the child's innocent eyes look up towards the aging woman as she speaks to no one in particular, "She would have been the same age as Sophie... Or little Marcus... Never did find out which". "Pardon me?", said the young women standing beside the child, "How did you know my daughter's name?".  Shaking loose the chills, the woman who's bright red name tag reads Patti, simply bends down, eye to eye with the little girl. "Whichever one you like", she said as the child's little fingers wrap around the ugliest duckling amongst the plastic bunch and hands it to the woman. Rejecting the offer, the Patti's sorrow reflects from the pool below and she whispers, "No winning mark on that one but you keep it...", taking a soft breath, "... Just be sure not to throw it away for it might be the only one you get".

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

6 sentences - "Morning Commute"

Departing love's caress, the city calls her back into the belly of the
beast. Smoke and fog caused from metal jaws; the highway offers only
cold chills. She misses the warmth of breath on her face. Morning's
commute allows her mind to wander back to loving arms. Lingering scents
fade with each passing day. Memories last longer and at night she
sleeps peacefully in dreams of her love; counting the moments like
sheep, until she returns home.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

6 Sentences - "Nightly Ride"

She rode like she was an extension of the beast.  Floating atop the filly's back, her robust thighs soften by the swish of sparkles dancing from the tip of her tiny costume.  Searching the crowd on her galloping post she seeks the face that might one day set her free.  One fella's eyes meet hers; holding his gaze for a moment, she smiles.  Like all the others, he shyly looks away.  She dismounts and takes one last pleading look before exiting the ring alone once again. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Choices made unknown
He threw up his hands and left
Buzzer's ring awaits
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Alone in Vegas...
Apples don't fall far from trees.
Not like my mother?
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